Kryptonbulbs Warranty Information


The Warranty for HID kits as well as Halogen Bulbs is handled by the MFG's which requires a shipping and handling fee of $10 for each defective item replaced (Halogen bulb set, HID bulb set, HID Ballast, HID relay). Items being returned for warranty must be in physically good shape so we can be certin that the product failed being defective and not abused. For warranty replacement you need to have your Original Order number available. HID kits are allowed 1 replacement and are subject to bench testing to determine if product is actually defective. If we find it is not defective it will be returned instead of replaced. Kryptonbulbs.com being a distributor is authorized to process these Warranty claims so we ask that you return Defective products to us, please read and follow these instructions.


Under certain circumstances Kryptonbulbs reserves the right to deviate from this warranty policy by working with a customer do figure out a problem. The Halogen (Xenon) bulbs always need to be returned with the payment but HID kits, if the customer works with us to figure out what is wrong can be replaced and reshipped free of charge. Once we determine (and you have authorization from us) what the problem is we will ask you to cut the wires to the product and send us a picture. We will then ship out the replacement. Pictures should be as follows:


Ballast (Note #'s and wires cut) (Note Wires Cut)

These fee's are mandated by the MFG companies and we are charged to replace them as well so this cost covers our cost. 

Please send MONEY ORDER made payable to: Kryptonbulbs.com for $10.00 USD. for each kit along with the defective product(s).  Also include your full name, address, phone, E-mail and original invoice number. Return to:

Attn: Warranty Dept.
17100 Elizabeth Dr
Holley, NY 14470

When sending your defective item back to us, please package your item well and include a money order for $10.00 USD.   In return you will receive a brand new product as long as the item is actually defective.  If you have multiple sets please send $10.00 USD per set.

You do not need pre-Authorization to send warranty claims in, Returns however do require pre authorization.

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