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55W HID Kits
It is strongly recommended that you use a relay harness with a 55W HID kit, 55W kits have been kn..
Ex Tax: $65.00
10 Second Time Delay Single HID bulb Relay
  The 10 Second time Delay Relay Harness This Is the relay used in our HID rela..
Ex Tax: $17.50
194 / 168 LED Cluster Bulb (6 LED's)
These are our 194 / 168 LED Cluster Bulbs. These bulbs are simply amazing, they complete the look..
Ex Tax: $5.00
2 Bulb Single Beam Slim ballast HID kit (AC)
This form will allow you to choose the single beam HID kit you need. These kits are only for Low ..
Ex Tax: $50.00
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Additional Services
This product is just used to add services that we have agreed upon that are not available on the ..
Ex Tax: $0.00
D2Y (D2S) with Amp Connectors
These are our D2S AC HID bulbs with AMP connecotrs otherwise known as D2Y's, these bulbs come..
Ex Tax: $30.00
FX-R Projectors (and Projector / HID kit)
FX-R Projectors (and Kits)  - The FX-R projector is a small (2.5" lens) High Perfor..
Ex Tax: $135.00
These normally come with the Halos, but in some cases users need another one (typically car setup..
Ex Tax: $8.00
Halogen Superwhite Bulbs
This is our Halogen Bulb Quick Selector Page, here you can select from every Halogen bulb th..
Ex Tax: $20.00
HID 35W AC Replacement Bulbs (Pair)
These are our 35W AC HID bulbs, these bulbs come in our HID kits and this product is to be used t..
Ex Tax: $20.00
HID 55W AC Replacement Bulbs (Pair)
These are our 55W AC HID bulbs, these bulbs come in our HID kits and this product is to be u..
Ex Tax: $25.00
LED Strips (1210) 18 LED's per foot
(1210) LED Strips with 3M Adhesive Backing ***Price is $8 per foot up to 10 foot then $4 per ..
Ex Tax: $8.00
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