Two Bulb 10 second delay HID relay harness

Two Bulb 10 second delay HID relay harness
Two Bulb 10 second delay HID relay harness
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For vehicles that have issues with HID's starting as lights turn on when the key is turned on as well as daytime running lamps

  Have a vehicle or motorcycle with auto-on or daytime running lamps causing problems with your HID?  

Here is the answer, a time delay relay. This relay harness works with all single beam Kryptonbulbs KID kits for an easy fix to prevent HID from starting before cranking the engine. Avoid those pesky ignition errors, flickering/fluttering HID, and needless wear and tear on ballasts.
Relays are contact rated at 30A @ 13.5 VDC, and sealed for waterproof operation
These are direct replacement for all Kryptonbulbs single beam harnesses, these will work with most of the kits out there (anything using 9006 connectors)
All applications or harnesses should be checked for polarity before using relay (Pin 86 must have 12V+ voltage and Pin 85 must have the common or negative attached to it)



- 10 second delay on relay
- instantantly turns off with power off (light switch or Key)
- 30A contacts
- 9 to 16 VDC coil
- 86 pin (+) coil pin 
- 85 pin (-) coil pin

Each order inlcudes:
- 1x sealed time delay relay with a 2 bulb relay harness



On existing wiring harnesses, please confirm correct polarity to the stock wiring for relay trigger. Black should always correspond to vehicle ground. The relays are polarity sensitive, the 85 pin is always to be grounded, 86 pin is (+). Reverse polarity will result in incorrect operation and relay failure.



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