Projector Kit

Projector Kit
Projector Kit Projector Kit Projector Kit Projector Kit
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** Please note, The red halos are a light red, some customers claim it is pink others have no complaints, there will be NO returns for customers unhappy with "Red" Halos


*Please note, this projector kit is designed to fit in reflective housings and can be used for pretty much ANY vehicle out there, we specialize on putting them in R6's as we advertise on R6-forum and that is where they became popular for us.


The Projector kit can be a complicated install depending on how involved you get and what you are putting it in.

Here is a link to a thread I started about an install I have done, it might help you to do the install yourself

The kits go for $150 shipped anywhere in the US

The kit installation package goes for $400 but from time to time we run specials (see above link) You are responsible to ship the kits to us and we will ship them back. (The price was raised due to higher and higher shipping costs and more and better materials going into the installation, I also purchase insurance to ship back and recommend you purchase it to ship to me as well, I will not be held responsible for a housing shipped to me that breaks on the way here BUT I will take pictures and put extra work into any insurance claim necessary.)

The installation package covers the kit ($150 value), the brackets and shrouds ($55 value) and the shipping back to you (depending on location up to a $55 value) Add that all up and you are paying me $145 to install it. My Installations generally take about 4 hours... Shop rates run about 80 - 90 an hour last I checked and Im doing it for about $36.25 / hour.... I also pay 1 guy to do the installs that I cant keep up with so there is another (Undisclosed) cost figured into this. (He's makeing more than me on the installs)

We do mostly R6 Installs but are willing to do others as well, turn around time on others might be a little longer as we will be starting from scratch.

These kits will work for both H4 and H7's as direct replacements with easy wiring. They will also work for other bulbs but will require splicing wires.

The main picture is of an install I did, I will also add more pictures of this install shortly.

These are available in 4300K, 5000K, 6000K, 8000K, and 10000K

These have Halos which are available in white, blue, yellow, green, or red



The address to send your housing to is:

17100 Elizabeth Dr

Holley, NY 14470

Pack the housing in a GOOD box with plenty of packing. Bubble wrap would be the best. Again, purchase insurance, Kryptonbulbs is not responsible for any damage on the way here, I purchase insurance on the way back to you. The housings are worth about $300 - $350 new so insure accordingly.


The installs will be done with priority on who paid first and who gets them to us first with first payment being the higher of these prioitys if the housings are recieved the same day.

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