H6 / H6M Bi-Xenon Slim Ballast HID kit

H6 / H6M Bi-Xenon Slim Ballast HID kit
H6 / H6M Bi-Xenon Slim Ballast HID kit H6 / H6M Bi-Xenon Slim Ballast HID kit H6 / H6M Bi-Xenon Slim Ballast HID kit
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H6 / H6M Bi Xenon Slim ballast HID kit

The H6M bulbs are very common on many 4 wheelers including the Yamaha Raptor, most of the 450 racers, and many more, if you arent sure send us an email and we can look it up for you.

This slim ballast HID kit replaces H6 and H6M halogen bulbs for your vehicles. This is a complete HID kit, everything included is plug and play, there is no splicing or cutting wires in most cases. The H6M harness includes 2 round push in connectors (pictured) that can usually plug and play right into your system. If your system does not have this style you may need to cut and splice these wires.

The H6M bulb is normally a dual filament bulb (a bulb that acts as both a low and high beam) This conversion kit replaces this bulb with a bi-xenon moving bulb. When you activate the high beams of the car the bulb moves to a new position causing the light to be focused more directly in front you resulting in "High Beams"

The Bi-xenon H6M kit is also known as a H6M-3


*All Bi-Xenon HID kits come equipped with a relay harness, in the case of the H6M two individual harnesses are included 


H4 Bi-Xenon Bulb H4 Bi-Xenon Connector






KryptonBulbs HID kits

HID Kit Includes2 AC Digital Slim HID Ballasts, 2 AC HID bulbs, 2 ballast mounting plates with hardware, Instruction booklet, and all appropriate wiring harnesses.


  • HID kits are 35W AC unless otherwise specified, these kits draw less wattage than stock Halogen bulbs and have no need for a relay harness. We do recommend Relay Harnesses for 55W kits.
  • Ballasts are waterproof, dustproof and heat resistant
  • Digital Ignitors are built into the ballasts

Kit features:

  • Available in the following Colors (note, 4300 and 5000k look the same in the pictures we have and to be honest we cant see a difference in the cars we have tested.)


  • Smallest digital ballast on the market, ballast is the size of a credit cart and about 1/2 inch thick
  • AC Ballasts, AC ballasts last longer, dont allow bulb flicker like DC ballasts and extend bulb life.
  • Water Proof, Dust Proof and Heat Proof, These come with the grommets that some applications need for installation.
  • Very Durable, Shock and Vibration resistant, these are built to last
  • Completely Plug-and-Play kit; 30-45 minute installation for most applications
  • Built in Digital Ignitors, (No need for extra harnessing on most vehicles)
  • Very easy to hide and remove from view compared to traditional size larger HID ballasts
  • At Least 2-3 times brighter than stock Halogen Bulbs
  • Everything needed for the conversion is included

     If you choose a 1 bulb kit, then the kit is pretty much cut in half, You will recieve 1 HID bulb, 1 slim HID ballast, 1 slim HID ballast mounting plate, 1 set of instructions,

Important Information: Please be sure to check our HID information Page in the right toolbar, some vehicles require special harnessing or warning cancellers to operate properly. All Kits come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty, please see our Warranty Page and review its terms and conditions before purchase.

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