HID 35W AC Replacement Bulbs (Pair)

HID 35W AC Replacement Bulbs (Pair)
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These are our 35W AC HID bulbs, these bulbs come in our HID kits and this product is to be used to replace bulbs or to choose a different color than you may already have.

Most bulbs in this section are "single beam bulbs" which are to replace only low beam bulbs.

Where noted in the drop down menu you will see some bulbs are offered in Bi-Xenon, Bi-Xenon bulbs are bulbs that replace dual filament bulbs (bulbs with both Low and High beam) Our Bi Xenon bulbs are a moving bulb that changes the beam pattern by moving to a different position when the high beams are activated. Bi-xenon bulbs are offered at a higher cost than single beam bulbs. All Bi-xenon bulbs are available in single beam bulbs as well so you can replace your dual filament bulbs with the single beam and just not have high beams anymore.

All of our HID Bulbs use AMP style connectors (the standard in HID lighting)


*** Please note, 3000K is not available for 9004, 9007 or H13 Bi-xenon bulbs (they are for the single beam)

*** Please also note, we keep very limited quantity of 3000K, 12000K, and 30000K bulbs on hand, ordering these colors may delay your shipment, please contact us to make sure we have it in stock if this is going to be a problem. (You will be notified if we have a stock issue for whatever reason)

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